About Us

The Prep Den is a place to help you gain knowledge, gather and organize your supplies, and build connections in your emergency preparation efforts.

There are many excellent businesses out there who offer products and services in each of the various categories of prepping, including but not limited to the categories included in our Prep Pyramid:

  • Water Purification & Storage 
  • Food & Beverage
  • Shelter 
  • Community & Communications
  • Fuel & Power Sources
  • Medical Supplies & Hygiene
  • Tools & Machinery 
  • Hunting & Home Defense 
  • PPE, EMF Protection & Clothing
  • Camping & Gardening
  • Storage & Organization
  • Barter Items and more …

But, at The Prep Den, we feel that with regard to preparedness, there’s much more to know and do than just buying products or learning about one or two aspects of prepping. So, our mission is to bring all aspects of preparedness together into one place and support you in building out a comprehensive plan that fits your life, one that will be there for you should the need arise. 

At The Prep Den, we will:

– Help you continue to expand your prepping awareness through what we call “Knowledge Sessions” which are taught by experts both in-person and online. 

– Provide you with curated checklists so that you can use them as tools to help you begin to consider a prep plan or continue building and fortifying the plan you already have in-place. 

– As we grow, we’ll add product offerings and specials from excellent vendors. Also, in the Coeur d’Alene area, we will offer customized Consulting & Support Services for your prepping needs.

– And, we’ll be here to encourage you to get and stay involved in the prep mindset independently and by joining others on the same path.

Here’s to being prepared for whatever life brings our way!

Founder's Message

There is a mostly unspoken rule in the prepper community, as in Fight Club, “The first rule of prepping is, you don’t talk about prepping!” 

But, the way I see it, most of us, no matter how much we learn and translate that knowledge into preparation, in an actual emergency scenario that lasts longer than a few days, we will need one another

Knowing this, not being connected ahead of time, if a real bonafide emergency hits, most of us will be left floundering or worse. Yes, protecting what’s yours is one legitimate perspective to have, but recognizing that there are decent people out there who you can assist and who can also return the favor in some way, is also worth consideration. And really, while most of us have done some things to prepare, realistically, we’ve not got the skill or wherewithal to escape to a fortress that’s protected against the outside world … forever so – friends and connections will be critical to have. 

To be clear, in no way do I think that naivety will lead to self-preservation but, while we learn and fortify, connecting with others on the same path might just be the key to thriving instead of barely surviving. 

Also, the sheer volume of information on each aspect of prepping is enormous. As a simple example, while someone may know everything there is to know about say, food preservation and storage, they may lack the thorough understanding they need to have proper fuel resources to maintain or cook the food they’ve stored. There are a million other combinations you can think of where we may be covered on some aspects of an emergency situation but not others, and it’s those “others” that could make a life-or-death difference. 

We created The Prep Pyramid (see link on the home page) in order to give you a vantage point on the greater scope of the preparedness issue as well as a detailed path through each aspect of your planning.  Our primary goal here at The Prep Den is to help more people prepare in a more organized way so if, heaven forbid, we see the day that stuff-hits-the-fan, we’ll each have done our best for our own family and we’ll also have prepared ahead of time to have more strength – and safety – in numbers.

So, here’s to getting and then staying involved in the prep mindset, continuing to learn more on as many aspects of prepping as you can, and strategically growing your local connections.

Alissa Desancic
The Prep Den
Coeur d’Alene, ID