What an amazing session! On Monday, October 30, 2023 we had the pleasure of learning from George Howley, Chief Range Safety Officer at Fernan Rod & Gun Club, as he covered the cardinal gun safety rules, the fundamentals of marksmanship, and malfunction identification and clearing for anyone carrying a firearm in public as well as for home defense. 


Mr. George Howley is a husband and father who lives in the CdA area.

His professional certifications include:

NRA CCW, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer 

USCCA Defensive Pistol, Emergency First Aid Instructor 

Chief Safety Officer Fernan Rod and Gun Club

USAF Veteran

NYPD Retired Lieutenant 22 Years, WTC First Responder 

Certified Glock Armorer 

His Bio:

I am currently the Chief Safety Officer at Fernan Rod and Gun Club and the primary firearms instructor. I specialize in the defensive use of firearms. I teach hundreds of people each year how to safely use pistols, rifles and shotguns. My clients consist of all types of people from experienced shooters to people that have never touched a gun. My goal is to teach people how to evade a deadly encounter which unfortunately cannot always be avoided. Then, my goal is to instill in my students the survival mindset needed to survive and not be prosecuted or incarcerated. My classes are based upon my tenure in the NYPD as an Investigations Lieutenant in charge of 9 Commands in Patrol Borough Queens North, where in personally investigated and supervised hundreds of situations involving police officers and deadly encounters/ use of force scenarios involving firearms discharges.

George Howley Contact Info:

Fernan Rod & Gun


Cell: (208) 719-1499

Website: EMPOWER YOURSELF! Teaching Firearm safety, tactics and skills in a safe effective fun manner. 

Session Product Mentions

Kubaton Keyring aluminum Blunt Force in Black, Self Defense Weapon

Delta Boots Studs Self-Defense Defensive Combat Shoe Buckle Kuba Kick Style

Thank you to videographer: Sean Hausken 

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