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A Failure of Civility (pdf Document Link)

There’s a printed copy of this at The Prep Den.

Civil Defense Manual (.com)

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After Civil War or A Collapse Of Society… I hope you help build a better place for your children… for at any moment in time… they are the singular evidence of, and sole reason for you and your ancestor’s existence

Resources and information

A to Z
One if the best physical conditioning books for aging people. You notice that I didn’t say ‘old.’

Age is Just a Number; What a 97 Year-Old Record Breaker Can Tell Us About Growing Older
search “Age is Just a Number, what a 97-year-old record breaker can tell us about growing older.” Entertaining… inspirational… expert advice on staying young.

Prepper’s Medical Handbook by William Forgey
Written by William Forgey, M.D. is “The Preppers Medical Handbook.” Get it.
“Washington Manual Infectious Disease Subspecialty Consult (Washington Manual Subspecialty Consult) Third Edition,” by Dr. Nigar Kirmani MD (Author), Dr. Michael Durkin MD (Author), Dr. Stephen Liang MD (Author). The title says it all.

Who Will Teach the Wisdom
Former white Rhodesian Selous Scout’s account of things we should learn from African tribal laws, governance and logic. Tim Bax lived in the African villages, slept in their Kraals, ate food with them… and talked hours with the African tribal elders. The wisdom that many people in the ‘civilized’ Industrial World lack… Tim discovered from the elders.
News from around that you don’t hear. His words… “From a student radical/hippie/leftist of the Free Speech Movement/Vietnam Day Committee era and a full-on Democratic Liberal in the decades after, I think I’ve evolved a politics that is neither right nor left but is, in its elemental nature, draconian.”  He apparently went to the well of his subconscious, analyzed his thought and woke up with logical thinking. Van der Leun should have been a novelist… he has great writing style.
Just about everything you want to know about Intelligence gathering, firearms and training and philosophy that you would want to know. Also daily posts about what’s really going on in America from their Readers around the country.
Photos from one of NC Scouts training courses on marksmanship, thermal mitigation, tactical movement.
‘The boys to go to’ for body armor… and other items. Good equipment… good prices.
As close to a permanent lubricant for your rifle that there is that doesn’t attract dirt and sand.
Get Claude Davis’s “The Lost Ways” and know what and how to do many things people of the past did to survive. Invaluable.

An alternative news source. Stories you won’t hear on the Mainstream News Media… because they’re probably truthful.
Some great water filter systems and they also make PRI Fuel stabilizer.
PRI-G will actually make ‘flat’ gas reconstituted. Pretty amazing stuff and a miracle worker with gasoline. So have both Sta-bil® and PRI fuel additives on hand.
Exercise, physical conditioning and muscle building equipment.
Tactical Training from a frontline combat veteran that you can understand. Read NC Scout’s Chapter in this book “NC Scout on Communications and radio.”
Emergency Medical Products.
Better than olive oil and full of anti-oxidants and trace minerals.
The manual from the State of New Hampshire titled: “Disease Handbook for Childcare Providers.”
All kinds of outdoor equipment and survival information.
For medical supplies, kits, articles and information on medical.
The most exciting and realistic books you’ll read about the direction America is headed. Prophetic. Matt Bracken is a Contributing Author to the Civil Defense Manual Chapters… “Bracken on Night Fighting and controlling your turf” and “Bracken on Civil War in America and the CW2 Cube.” Find out how prone you are to danger from riots and civil unrest where you live now.
For quality rotary hand gasoline and diesel pumps.
One of the best overall sources about the dos and don’ts of burning wood for heat and cooking. Nick can tell you.
For the best and cheapest in perimeter security and tire puncture devices… not Chinese junk, American made. Machined and cool!
If you don’t know who’s in your neighborhood and what’s happening around you… you are sentencing yourself and your family to death. Sam is a Contributing Author to the Civil Defense Manual Chapter “Culper on Intelligence and awareness in your area.” This is a much overlooked and critical part of survival.
EMP, aka Electromagnetic Pulse. 
Jerry Emanuelson gives you ‘the skinny’ on it. He is one of only a handful of people with an advanced education who can provide information in a manner that we common people can understand. If you have questions regarding EMP for your personal situation, Jerry is available for individual consulting via email and phone on a flat fee per hour basis.
Gab Social. Sick of censorship… can’t say what you want? Gab is a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.
The new “Drudge Report” with news feeds from around the globe.
This guy is a Prepper with technical knowledge of the modern infrastructure that he tells you complexities of.
An ‘old style’ military surplus store. I’d like to see, what they probably don’t know they have, in their back room. This place is a treasure trove of genuine military surplus. Hum-Vees, to M813 duce and a half trucks, trailer mounted electrical generators… to tents. I got my M45 Tent Stove from them… it’s in like new condition and the best I could find on the internet. Straight shooting people. Talk to Barb.
Sta-bil® fuel additive is great for maintaining gasoline’s flash point and volatility during storage. They also make a preservative for diesel fuel. Also buy PRI.
For custom made ready to eat Pemmican… the ‘all you need Emergency Food’ in one package.
90 second video of Green Beret Colonel Sully H. deFontaine’s led Congo rescue operation portrayed in the book “The Slavers Wheel.”
A great book on practical gardening. Also go to
…Although it requires electricity, these are complete controlled botanical gardens that would supply all vegetable needs.
An excellent selection of Concealed Handgun purses and carry methods for women (and men).
More real news than you’ll get from the Mainstream News Media in two lifetimes. Plus… Alex Jones drives around in his Infowars tank now and then. Matt Bracken has hosted the show. This is one of my main news feeds. I like it more than Breitbart.
Books from Boston T. Party, aka Kenneth Royce, author of “Boston’s Gun Bible,” “Molon Labe,” “Hologram of Liberty” and “Modules for Manhood” section of which is in the Chapter “Leadership, psychopaths… there must be a leader.”
Jim is the ‘go to’ guy for Hypothermia and other Survival information. He’s been at it a long time. Contributing Author to the Civil Defense Manual Chapter “Shelter and weather issues, Phillips on Hypothermia.” Jim has taught survival to the United States Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, the Norwegian Army, the Pakistani Army and too many Federal and State agencies to list here.
Handbook of Communicable Diseases (Free download).
Everything you wanted to know about radiation and need to have to keep you and your family safe, from Shane Connor… and his Chapter in the Civil Defense Manual “Connor on surviving Nuclear Warfare with what you have.” Radioactive detectors, iodine tablets, Geiger counters… well, too much to list. Go there…
The ‘General Store’ for Simple Living the way our ancestors lived.
They sell about everything under the sun in container storage, including blue barrels and larger pallet mounted storage containers. I find their prices hard to beat.
Another website about this scourge of humanity… the psychopath.
Ammunition reloading and gun accessories.
A good line of disinfectants and cleaners.
Metal ammunition boxes and storage boxes.
Just about any style and type of quality container for cheap.
“Whatever in the World” you want to know about U.S. or foreign military, past and present, is on this website. Mind blowing!
“Self-Defense Laws of all 50 States” by attorney Mitch Velos.
Use a Pelton water wheel and generator as the source to power your Alternative Electric Power System.
National Geographic map resources.

The ‘go to place’ for firearms safety, shooting, child safety programs… join, and help keep America’s firearms ownership freedoms.
Recoil Off Grid website. Loaded with articles you need to read.
One America News Network. The Mainstream News Media hates this news network… because they won’t fabricate stories… they report the simple truth.
Parler Free Speech Social Network. Sick of censorship? Parler is an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement. Free expression without violence and no censorship. Based in Henderson, Nevada, Parler is the solution to problems that have surfaced in recent years due to changes in Big Tech policy influenced by various special-interest groups. Parler is built upon a foundation of respect for privacy and personal data, free speech, free markets, and ethical, transparent corporate policy.
‘Real time’ Emergency Food storage, growing, processing, cooking. What a gal!
Alternative views of what’s going on that you need to take in to consideration in making decisions. I LOVE Bob Livingston!
Check out Hardened Power Systems USA of Tennessee.
Doctors with their heads screwed on properly who realize there is no Civil Defense program in the United States and advocate for one.
Connect with other people involved in Preparation.
All you ever wanted to know about psychopaths, but were afraid to ask one.
Just about everything about solar ovens.
Common sense expose of what are the real issues in America.
Sand bags of all types for fortification and flooding.
Water filtration systems.
Dan Sullivan… great source for survival information.
Learn from the man who lived through what’s coming. SELCO. SELCO has been through what Americans will probably live through in coming times in former Yugoslavia. SELCO is a master at “Toe to Toe” Grid Down Survival. Great realistic material on his website.
For firearm sound suppressors, also referred to as silencers.
Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook/U-S-Department-of-Defense/9781616082789 or…
Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook from the United States Government Printing Office (GPO) this is the exact same book that is issued to them… Print hardcopies.

For the CD Rom version of the Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook.
Closest place to go to that’s like breaking into an army supply depot… ‘Bombs, Beans & Bullets’ plus everything else to outfit you.
For the books “Where There is No Doctor” and “Where There is No Dentist.” Must have books for Preparedness and Survival people.
Just chock full of Preparedness and Survival information. Rawles has some great books too. Check out his new book… “The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide: Survive the End of the World As We Know It.”
A jacked-up Prepper tells you his things you won’t hear many other places
Check out Fernando ‘FerFal’ Aguirre’s YouTubes. Fascinating and informative. Fernando said he had to mow his lawn with a pistol strapped on it was so bad in Argentina. This guy has also lived through what Americans will probably experience in the coming decade. Get his book “Street Survival Skills” and, like me, learn what you thought you knew, but didn’t.
READ and learn. This is a great website for historical information.
How to raise animals, chickens, bee keeping and lots of how our ancestors survived in ‘comfort.’
An in depth expose of the ‘Coronavirus’ showing it for what it really is.
Sidney Rittenberg’s portrayal of the failure of Communism. The only American who was next to Mao Tsetung and took a direct part in the Chinese Revolution.
Uline is a great source for Tyvek® suits and many, many other items.
Paul Seyfried and his partner Sharon, a Nuclear Engineer, have forgotten more than most underground shelter experts and builders know. Contact him about any underground shelter questions you have at [email protected]
I highly recommend this company! They have ready-made webbing, webbing you can customize yourself by simply moving fasteners… or they will make what you want, how you want. John is a former army combat veteran and knows what realistically works for you… and what won’t work.
Everything you wanted to know… or didn’t want to know… about the Mediterranean Island of Malta… Check it out… I want to go there!
Nephi Khaliki gave one of the best Concealed Carry classes I’ve ever taken. Nephi is a proud American endowed with beliefs and principles I wish every American had. With all the experience from military, combat and as a member of a Police Use of Force Review Board that I have… I learned more from Nephi than I believe I’ve ever learned from any other Instructor, military or civilian in one sitting. His psychology of introspect from his real-life experiences was eye opening for me.

Nephi is no BS… he’s the real McCoy. He should be your choice for any firearms instruction. I am going to take his Simunition Full Contact Gunfighting Course. [email protected]
Loaded with graphs and information on many aspects of life.
One of the best high-volume water filtration systems.
For Weider Weightlifting Equipment.,
Gab:, Twitter: @WRSABlog
Traditionalist website… one of the top 50 conservative websites in the U.S. …get the real story of what’s going on. Concerned American is a real live Patriot.
Explanations on ‘how to’ about anything.
The premium in cooking stoves, smokers and ‘Desert John’s’ backpack stove.

Firearms Schools and real-life tactical training

Southeastern United States – Florida and International


Eastern United States – North Carolina

[email protected]

North Central United States – Michigan


Central United States – Colorado


Southwestern United States – Arizona


Southwestern United States – Nevada


West Coast – California


West Coast – Oregon


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