Making Pemmican with Heather Greenman

No video available for this session, per speaker request. Please see class slides below.

Pemmican is an all-natural, traditional Native survival food that was a staple item for Native Americans, Frontiersmen, Explorers and more in the 17th and 18th century. It was so important there was even a war over this staple survival food called the Pemmican War. The oldest known pemmican that was tried and was still good after 47 years! Pemmican is a mixture of very dehydrated lean meat, rendered tallow or suet, and dehydrated berries. It is a high calorie, nutrient dense whole food that has a very long shelf life and contains essential fats you may not be able to get in survival situations.

In this class you will learn what most of YouTube won’t show you: The right way to make pemmican, how to make it delicious without ruining shelf life, how to prepare all the ingredients from scratch, and proven tricks to process pemmican without ruining your kitchen appliances. This class uses the First Nation’s pemmican recipe as a blueprint.


Heather Greenman has been making historical survival foods for three years and started Sly Bear Native Survival Foods under inspiration from the Holy Spirit. He impressed upon her the need to help others to be prepared and to recognize there was a lack of nutritious, healthy survival food that was lightweight, easily transported, and which fit into a bugout bag. Highlighting her love of American heritage, the Native American side of her genealogy, and her family nickname, Heather Bear, Sly Bear was born.


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