SAFE BLOOD DONATION with Clinton Ohlers, PhD

Another excellent session, this time with Mr. Clinton Ohlers, PhD, on the topic of Safe Blood Donation, the Global Leader in Safe Blood Matching. 

Safe Blood Donation is a grassroots effort that has revolutionized blood donation by connecting members with local mRNA-free blood donors who will be there for you when you need them most. 

In our time together, we talked about how Safe Blood Donation came to be, the mission of the company, how to get involved with them and what still needs to be done to move this important service forward and make it accessible to anyone who wishes to use it.

You may wonder why we are discussing this topic at The Prep Den. Well, our overarching mission at The Prep Den is to help everyone we reach become more prepared for whatever life brings. In order to do so, we need to be aware of what’s already happened and accept that there are now things that must be dealt with in our own lives so we can plan for what’s ahead. COVID changed the world in many ways. Learn about some of those changes that relate to our health, now and going forward, here.

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Our guest for today’s Knowledge Session:

R. Clinton Ohlers, PhD

Vice President, Director of Media Relations

Safe Blood Donation

[email protected]


Resources and information discussed during our session (live links):

A grassroots effort revolutionizing blood donation by connecting members with local mRNA-free blood donors who will be there for you when you need them most. And as a SafeBlood donor, you agree to do the same – be here for the SafeBlood community if and when we need you – refrigeration not required!

Working to ensure that our members can obtain unvaccinated blood, either fresh or canned, should they need it. In return, they make themselves available as blood donors. Anyone can become a member, whether vaccinated or not – but only those who have not been vaccinated can donate. 

Sperm and egg donations from donors free of covid vaccines. A match making site for mRNA-unvaccinated donors and receivers.
Now also with breast milk registry.

A Letter to Dr. Andrew Hill by Dr. Tess Lawrie

Ivermectin discussion with Dr Tess Lawrie

Dark Waters 

A film with Mark Ruffalo

Interview with the founder of Safe Blood Donation, George Della Pietra. 

(World Council for Health)

The Joe Rogan Experience – #1999 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Broken Truth Website

The goal of Broken Truth is simple: To expose bad actions by those in power and encourage corporations, groups, and governments to change their errant behaviors. We believe that families are the backbone of societies and the purpose of society is to provide the best and most secure path into the future for our next generations.

Answer to a question asked during the discussion:

In order to be a donor to Safe Blood, one must have never been injected with any of the COVID “vaccines.”

*Safe Blood Donation is currently working to create or collaborate on a viable rapid test mRNA blood-testing option, for all blood received by a donor either at time of donation or prior to use, if stored at a blood bank. Any questions or helpful information related to this search should be directed to Mr. Ohlers whose contact information is above.


(More information found at

No blood is better compatible than your own and is therefore always the best option in cases where your own blood can be used in surgery. In addition to autologous blood donation, where you donate your own blood before a planned surgery, there are other options.

Autotransfusion is a medical process in which a person’s own blood is collected, processed, and then re-infused back into their body during a surgery. This is an option for donor blood transfusions and is used for surgical procedures that result in significant blood loss – if you ask for it. Autotransfusion eliminates the risk of mRNA contamination, disease transmission,  and allergic reactions associated with donated blood and ensures that a patient receives perfectly matched blood, as their own blood contains the necessary antigens and antibodies required for a successful transfusion. Autotransfusion is referred to as IOS/ICS (cell salvage or cell saver, or MAT (machine autotransfusion) or ADR (autologous direct retransfusion).

The procedure can be performed using two types of devices: cell savers and blood salvage systems. Cell savers are attached to the patient’s body during surgery and collect the patient’s blood as it is lost, whereas blood salvage systems are stand-alone devices that collect the blood outside of the body. Both devices work by filtering and washing the collected blood, removing any debris and contaminants, and then re-infusing the blood back into the patient’s body.

Autotransfusion is a useful alternative to donated blood transfusions in many surgical procedures. By reducing the risk of disease transmission and mRNA contamination and ensuring that the patient receives perfectly matched blood, autotransfusion can improve the outcome of surgical procedures and lower the overall cost of healthcare. If your physician or surgeon tells you that you may need a transfusion during a surgical procedure, you should first ask to donate your own blood or use the cell saver. Unfortunately, autotransfusion is not performed as a standard procedure in most hospitals, primarily because the safe and effective performance of ICS requires an operating room environment with trained and dedicated surgical, anesthesia, and nursing staff; it is more labor intensive than the donor transfusion alternative. Increased care is required to ensure safe and efficient blood collection. Financial investments in training, machines, and disposables are required. In other words, the clinic simply makes more money when it uses blood units. Therefore, to ensure that you receive an autotransfusion and minimize the risk of a foreign blood transfusion, you must specifically ask for it. Talk to your surgeon before deciding where you want to have surgery.

A list of clinics that offer autotransfusion according to our research can be found here by selecting the option “We offer surgical techniques such as autotransfusion …” under “Free choice of blood donor”. If you know of clinics that offer autotransfusion and are not on our list, please write to us.

For a more detailed description of intraoperative cell salvage, see this example.

As always, this information is provided for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered medical, legal, financial or any other type of professional advice. Always consult with your healthcare professional prior to making any medical decisions.

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